Is there ever enough time in a day? Do you ever get everything done that you want to?

I sure don’t. As I sit here typing, eating my donuts and listening to oomie zoomie, my house is trashed and laundry desperately needs folded.

So what are my plans for the day you ask?

I PLAN on…..Cleaning, folding laundry, doing homework, playing outside with my daughter, going to two separate stores, stopping by to say hi to the hubby at work, doing dishes, putting laundry away, making my daughters bed, cooking dinner and then having family time.

What will I actually get done????

I will go to the store and my hubbies work, I will clean the kitchen and do dishes, I will cook dinner and I will go outside with my daughter.

How on earth can I possibly fit everything into my daily life? On top of wanting to eat healthy, work out and make friends?!

I don’t think it all matters. As long as I am happy, I don’t have mice or mold, I feed my family and I pass school.


Be happy, Be with my family, and EAT.

Do you get everything done everyday? What are your priorities?



I love my husband. Things happen all the time and people end up divorced more often then not anymore. It’s really sad. I planned a great wedding and had a beautiful dress and wrote my own vows that I plan to forever uphold. My husband’s vows to me were also amazing.

My parents divorced when I was 3, and both remarried when I was 4. Since then they both had fairly successful marriages till 17 and 20 years later. They then got divorced from my second set of parents (my step-parents). And they are all with other people.

My husbands parents are also divorced and his dad has been married a few times after that. Neither of u, along with our siblings have a good picture of what a marriage is.

His sister was recently in a bad situation with her husband and they split even though they have two little girls together. I know things happen and stuff comes up but you should try and fix things before letting them crash to the ground.

I think the key to a great marriage is trust, communication, and loving the little things.

What do you love most about your relationship? What makes you feel loved and secure?

I love when my husband says he could never find someone better then me. I love to be told I look beautiful. And I love our late night talks about anything and everything. I love that we are in love.

So many people are together just to be together, but not for love. Yes having a broken home is hard. But having unhappy parents is much harder.

What makes marriage work for you? What does “I Do” mean?

Mommy Friends

I am a mom. I am normal just like anyone else. I have flaws. I am no better then any other mom out there. We are all just kids running around trying to control other kids all while trying to adult.

Us moms are supposed to stick together. Our job is tough and nobody understands that better then a fellow mom.

But sometimes its hard to be with some moms. Perhaps they are still young and somewhat dumb. Perhaps their child annoys you. Perhaps they have no order and it makes you CRAZY.

What do you do? Can you dump a friend like you would a significant other? Is it against mom code to say bye to a fellow mother?

I feel guilty but it’s so exhausting. The complaining, the neediness, the mess, the screaming, the endless feedings to a child bigger then her!

My house is generally calm, simple, clean. We have nice things that we (my husband) work hard for. I like the calm of my house.

Sure I have a toddler and of course we have crabby days where she don’t listen to a single word I say. I wanna cry and scream and pull my hair out! But I always do my best to remain calm. I defuse the situation and find a way to move past it.

But when she is here…I feel like all of those emotions all at once, the entire time. And I want to just tell her about life and how she needs to fix hers!

But i try to be a nice person, a good friend and helpful. So if I try to be these things…Can I dump my friend?