I may be a little biased….but I have the sweetest daughter in the world. 

She is so loving and kind, shares (usually) and loves to help. 

She has helped raise two litters of kittens, a puppy and chinchillas. She has fish and is growing her own flowers. She loves her friends (especially chloe) and she loves to smile. 

I was working (like usual) today and she told me to come and sit down. (I am trying not to say “in a minute” because she now says it) So I followed her to the couch and sat down. She hands me a box that she has been shaking and says “here mommy, happy birthday” (my birthday is in may). I open this box and it has a fake croissant, fake broccoli, a shot glass, a lid to a toy pitcher, a potatoes masher and a plastic knife. I told her “thank you! I love it!” And she says “your welcome mommy, happy birthday”. 

I mean come on…if that don’t melt your heart then you are just soulless. Such sweet memories, such a sweet girl. 


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