We live in Washington state. No not by Seattle or down in the Tri-City area. We live an hour south of Canada and two hours west of Idaho. I’m way up in the tiny right hand corner of Washington state.

All of you know, who live in the northern states, we get a LOT of snow. 

The past few years have been very odd and we only ever got maybe one big snowfall. This year we have had several! 

And the schools closed for a total of 4 days now! These schools NEVER close. 

Last night we had about a foot get dumped all at once, on top of the few inches we got yesterday in the day. 

I’m getting off topic tho. 

The point of this post was to thank my AMAZING husband who went out and shoveled our porch, stairs, sidewalks, a path to get the cars out, a path out the back door and a path to move a car into the carport. 

All by himself he did this.

I am so appreciative of him and all the work he does to take care of me and my daughter. I shoveled last time it snowed like that and I was sore for days! 
So thank you Weston for being so amazing! Working so hard, and giving us an amazing life. 


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