I hate being late. I hate when other people are late. I hate when things don’t go as planned. 

If I say I’ll have food ready at 3, that means we are eating at 3. Not come at 3 and we will eat sometimes after. You come early, eat at 3, then do whatever. 

If someone is supposed to get off work at 7:30 then they should be home around 7:45. However it’s now past 9…and he is still at work. 

Does being late stress anyone else out? Is it just me? 

I arrange my day around family time. When we need to have dinner done. When my daughter needs to go to bed. 

But how can I do that if at his work the rule is, as long as there are customers…they are open. That’s not right. The store closes at 7. It says so on the front door. Don’t be that disrespectful person who walks in at 6:30 with some complicated issue and you know you will be there past 7. Be considerate of the employee and their family. 

Be on time. Be present. Be happy. Be respectful. Be courteous. 


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