Is there ever enough time in a day? Do you ever get everything done that you want to?

I sure don’t. As I sit here typing, eating my donuts and listening to oomie zoomie, my house is trashed and laundry desperately needs folded.

So what are my plans for the day you ask?

I PLAN on…..Cleaning, folding laundry, doing homework, playing outside with my daughter, going to two separate stores, stopping by to say hi to the hubby at work, doing dishes, putting laundry away, making my daughters bed, cooking dinner and then having family time.

What will I actually get done????

I will go to the store and my hubbies work, I will clean the kitchen and do dishes, I will cook dinner and I will go outside with my daughter.

How on earth can I possibly fit everything into my daily life? On top of wanting to eat healthy, work out and make friends?!

I don’t think it all matters. As long as I am happy, I don’t have mice or mold, I feed my family and I pass school.


Be happy, Be with my family, and EAT.

Do you get everything done everyday? What are your priorities?


5 thoughts on “Time

  1. scrappyyoga says:

    I try to get everything done in a day but I’m only human 🙂 I do prioritize my yoga practice but on top of that there is always laundry, dishes, grocery shopping and then work that needs to be done 🙂 I always remember how lucky I am to have a partner who helps me in these chores daily 🙂


    • dreamtobeyou says:

      That’s awesome! Good for your partner! Mine works a ton and is in the army. So I do everything at my house. But I’m okay with that. Wouldn’t trade my life for anything. 🙂 I’ve never done yoga. I have medical conditions tho that make my back not bend and stuff like that. Sounds fun tho

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  2. mommylife742 says:

    My husband is constently working so I do all the housework around here but there’s never a day where I get everything done. I’m to busy with my two small children I’d rather play with them and have fun then I would worry bout cleaning


    • dreamtobeyou says:

      I agree! My husband is like what did you do today and I say…I was a mom. He thinks my job is fairly simple and much easier then working at AT&T. I wish I could trade for a week so he knows what it’s like but at the same time he would probably do a lot more then I do around the house. He just wouldn’t play as much as I do I don’t think.


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