A new start

Starting a journey is always exciting and a little scary. 

Exciting because you have chosen to take the step to start something new. You never know if you will succeed or how difficult the task may be so it can be a little scary to.

I love trying new things, and I would love to earn money from home without trying to be a sales rep. I also don’t want to have to be on the phone or computer all day answering calls or inputting data. 

I would try and take photos for a career but so many people do that. 

What is always needed, and yet for some reason fairly difficult to find?! Books! 

Not just books but children’s books! 

Yes Walmart sells books and so does the dollar store, but what about educational books? Board books? Books for all ages? Simple books? Interactive books? 

Sure you can go online and find what book you want and wait for it to get here. 

Or you can ask me! 

I signed up just today to be an Usborne book consultant! 

They are fantastic books that are quality made, fun to look at and my daughter loves them! 

Yes I have to order them but I would like to eventually get some on hand so you can call and tell me what you need and come pick it up! 

I’m excited to possibly earn my own money, share my love of education and my daughters love of books! I am also a little scared because I’m not sure how I will do. 

I plan to go at this head on and share the word with EVERYONE! I can do this! 


Ask me! 


Am I okay? 

Does it make me a bad person if I don’t like some people? It’s not any particular group of people, just some people in general. Has nothing to do with race, size, intelligence…..well somewhat to do with intellegence I suppose since I would cal these people uneducated or immature. 

Is it okay to not like someone because they are young and don’t have their stuff together? 

Is it okay to not like someone cuz they are huge and complain about it yet eat pizza and lay around? 

Is it okay to not like someone because they say things that come off as rude even if they aren’t meant that way? 

You could say I’m shallow I guess, that I judge and shouldn’t or maybe even that I am here to cause drama. 

Of course my and a friend talk poorly behind someone’s back. But anything I say to her or over text, I would say to their face. 

So why don’t I? Why don’t I confront these people and tell them what bothers me in hopes they will fix it? 

To save the drama. Why cause an issue if I can avoid it and be fine? Why make a small thing huge?

Is it okay to not like people but at the same time not tell them? 


I hate being late. I hate when other people are late. I hate when things don’t go as planned. 

If I say I’ll have food ready at 3, that means we are eating at 3. Not come at 3 and we will eat sometimes after. You come early, eat at 3, then do whatever. 

If someone is supposed to get off work at 7:30 then they should be home around 7:45. However it’s now past 9…and he is still at work. 

Does being late stress anyone else out? Is it just me? 

I arrange my day around family time. When we need to have dinner done. When my daughter needs to go to bed. 

But how can I do that if at his work the rule is, as long as there are customers…they are open. That’s not right. The store closes at 7. It says so on the front door. Don’t be that disrespectful person who walks in at 6:30 with some complicated issue and you know you will be there past 7. Be considerate of the employee and their family. 

Be on time. Be present. Be happy. Be respectful. Be courteous. 


Is there ever enough time in a day? Do you ever get everything done that you want to?

I sure don’t. As I sit here typing, eating my donuts and listening to oomie zoomie, my house is trashed and laundry desperately needs folded.

So what are my plans for the day you ask?

I PLAN on…..Cleaning, folding laundry, doing homework, playing outside with my daughter, going to two separate stores, stopping by to say hi to the hubby at work, doing dishes, putting laundry away, making my daughters bed, cooking dinner and then having family time.

What will I actually get done????

I will go to the store and my hubbies work, I will clean the kitchen and do dishes, I will cook dinner and I will go outside with my daughter.

How on earth can I possibly fit everything into my daily life? On top of wanting to eat healthy, work out and make friends?!

I don’t think it all matters. As long as I am happy, I don’t have mice or mold, I feed my family and I pass school.


Be happy, Be with my family, and EAT.

Do you get everything done everyday? What are your priorities?